Dave Salwitz has been lending his unique bass style and tone to fantastic bands and songwriters since 1974.

In addition to being the bassist for Seattle-based Invisible Touch: A Tribute to Phil Collins & Genesis and Second Hand Newz (Fleetwood Mac Tribute), Dave has played with other supurb bands such as Mantis, Stubborn Puppet and Indigo Soul.

Influenced by the likes of Chris Squire, Paul McCartney, Mike Rutherford and Tony Levin and rooted in rock; Dave has been described as bass chameleon (able to play whatever style is needed). He has a true spiritual connection to beat, groove, melody and tone. At any moment, he is a modern player; an in-the-pocket classic rocker; a prog rock groove artist with anchoring bottom-end; or a sultry player of jazzy melodic lines.

In the end, Dave's passion is for the music and collaboration.

Feel free to check out the sample tracks on the Music page and then give him a shout if you want to talk. To book Dave for a studio session or live performance, please click here.

"What I most love about playing bass besides the low notes is tone and texture. When I get a compliment after a show, recording session, or after an listening to an album I've played on, people usually start with how much they liked the bass tone. I just love this because that's exactly what I want people to hear. Whether playing just a few simple long notes or many fast ones, it's always the tone that tells the story." 

-Dave Salwitz

Dave Salwitz with The Grand Delusion 2010 Bite of Seattle